Albert Puxan
Director-general, Milla Masanas S.L.

"In a globalized and ever-evolving industrial environment amec It appears as the perfect complement, bringing extensive experience and success stories, together with an updated knowledge of the company. amec It's the friend that you ask for advice before making a decision."

Vanesa Martínez
President, aromatic creations Industriales, S.A. - CARINSA

"Being in amec It allows us to reduce time and resources to share experiences with companies based in the foreign markets. It is our reference to give response to our concerns in internationalization and quickly resolve day-to-day issues that may be a brake."

Ion Esandi
Director-general, Lifeak, Job Accommodation Solutions for Life SL-VALIRYO

"Belonging to amec Since our inception, it has been a great success. It has helped us to select the best commercial actions at national and international level and we felt protected at all times. They help us to contact other companies that have already gone through what we are going through and advise us and help a lot to grow and move forward on the right track."

David Linares

"In amec I am part of a club with the best international and innovative-minded, where we are always updating. Experiences like those of the Amec Forumwith speakers of the first order and international reference in business issues, allow us to share our vocation in the connected industry or industry 4.0."

Enric Marti

"Sharing of experiences and knowledge between the partners of" amec It has given us the international expansion into new markets."

Jordi Vila
Export manager, meat equipment, S.L. - MAINCA

"Being Member of" amec allows us to get all necessary information and tools to keep being at the edge of innovation and internationalization."

Jorge Garcia
Director general, INNORWAY IBERICA, S.L.

amec includes and promotes fundamental values among its partners as the initiative and wishes success in internationalization and innovation, as well as the capacity of effort aligned together with all his team."

Luis Porrúa
Export manager, DIBAL S.A.

"In 2016 we opened our subsidiary in Mexico. In amec We have found at all times options to make the best decisions during the different phases of the process. "Access to trade fairs to study the market, networking for contrasting experiences and competitive offers through its delegate in the country for the management consulting financial/administrative delegation."

Meritxell Arnedo
General Manager, ISOTUBI S.L.

"In amec "I have known many companies large and small that have undergone processes of internationalization as that we are now passing us and that have allowed us to use their experiences to focus them in a more efficient and productive way."

Iñigo Querejeta

amec It is a model of how a good partnership, since it provides services and cross-cutting activities of great interest for any associated with a profile similar to ours. Noteworthy is also the level of partner companies, in general, many of them leaders in their sectors"

Ramon Sario
Director general, BERALMAR TECNOLOGIC, S.A.

"In amec it breathes internationalization and competitiveness."

Antonio Ortega
Director-General, AND & OR, S.A.

"Thanks to the support and experience of" amec We have been able to position ourselves as well as possible at the K fair in Dusseldorf."

Ramon Reguant
Export manager, TAVIL IND., S.A.U.

amec is very useful in helping us to settle in a new market."

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