amec 50

An open and multi-sectoral space for meeting among highly internationalized industrial companies


A unique and participatory space

The leading role of the internationalized industry confers upon it a great responsibility in today's economy, and it is therefore more important than ever to meet those specific needs of industrial companies where the economic operators and public administrations fail to reach.

The experience of amec promoting the internationalization of industrial companies enables us to create this unique and participative space of representation, networking and exchange of experiences among the major internationalized industrial companies.


Internationalized industrial companies

Companies which form part of amec 50 share all them a similar profile which fosters the exchange of experiences, from the basis of common interests.

  • Industrial companies
  • Companies with an annual turnover of more than 50 M€
  • Highly internationalized (more than 50% of sales directed to the foreign market)
  • With delegations and/or subsidiaries abroad
  • With a sectoral leading role
  • Willing to be involved


Networking, lobby and recognition

The aim of amec 50 is to offer to its members a space of networking and a platform to highlight their position and gain recognition.

  • Discuss common needs and experiences
  • Ensure that their opinion and demands reach other instances
  • Networking sessions
  • Workshops with experts
  • Meetings with VIPs
  • Lobby and recognition actions
  • Field study trips
  • Mentoring

Some members of amec 50

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